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In 1950 the Division of Knitting was founded as a part of the Faculty of Textile Engineering at the Technical University of Lodz. In 1957 it was turned into Department of Knitting. From 1970 to 1998 the unit was in the organisational structure of the Institute of Mechanical Technology of Textiles at Technical University of Lodz. Since 1998 it has worked as the Department of Knitting Technology and Structure of Knitted Product at the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at Technical University in Lodz.

Academic staff:

Professor Zbigniew Mikołajczyk, Ph.D., D.Sc. – director

Professor Krzysztof Kowalski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Katarzyna Pieklak, PhD ‑ adjunct

Magdalena Kłonowska, PhD. ‑ adjunct

Bogdan Włodarczyk, PhD. ‑ adjunct

·  Technical and Secretariat staff – 3 persons

The department offers didactic courses concerning the basis of knitting technology and knitted fabric structure for all the students at the Faculty of Textile Engineering. It also provides specialistic education (for about 30 students a year) concerning knitting technology, knitted product structure and making-up.

The main fields of research are:

·         Relationships between technological parameters and knitted fabric structure and between structural parameters of knitted fabrics and their end-use properties;

·         Kinematical and dynamic analysis of knitting process on weft- and warp-knitting machines;

·         New techniques and technologies in knitting;

·         Instrumental methods of knitting process and knitted products assessment;

·         Qualitology of machines and knitted products.

The main scientific achievements of the recent years:

·         Patent and construction of original force transducers of very high frequencies;

·         Patent and construction of the prototype circular warp-knitting machine for trimmings, operating according to new technology;

·         Construction of the test stand for assessment of mechanical properties of ribbing knitted-fabrics;

·         Construction of the test stand for computer analysis of knitted product structure;

·         Design and construction of cylindrical measuring weft-knitting machine integrated with computer-aided data recording and analysing system;

·         Structure and technology elaboration of composite multiplayer knitted fabrics of high sorption properties, produced on weft-knitting machines;

·         Elaboration of assessment method of machines and knitted products quality;

·  Elaboration of knitting process computer simulation on weft- and warp-knitting machines.


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